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Learn about the U.S. Patent System

Essentials of Intellectual Property was co-authored by General Patent’s CEO, Alexander Poltorak, and its Chief Counsel, Paul J. Lerner. This book helps business owners and executives understand the role of patents and other forms of intellectual property.

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Essentials of Intellectual Property Licensing was also co-authored by Alex Poltorak and Paul Lerner. This follow-up book provides business executives with a comprehensive overview of intellectual property licensing. In practical, non-legal language, this book covers patent, trademark and copyright licensing, licensing strategies, licensing negotiations, royalties and royalty rates, and U.S. contract law basics.

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Patent Brokerage

A patent is intellectual property that can be licensed, purchased and sold like any other asset. Sometimes General Patent is not able to assist a patent owner in the enforcement of his (or her or its) patent, but we are able to help the patent owner by selling the patent or patents. Accordingly, GPC has a patent brokerage business unit that has a very successful track record turning its clients’ intellectual property into cash.

When a patent owner selects GPC to sell its patent or patents, we represent the patent owner on a contingency basis, as we do when we represent patent owners in patent enforcement matters.

GPC’s patent brokerage unit also represents businesses that want to acquire specific technologies. Working on a confidential basis, our patent brokerage unit identifies the specific technology the client needs without revealing the identity of the patent buyer or patent owner. If it is the right technology, GPC negotiates pricing and terms – subject, of course, to final approval by the client – and consummates the sale and transfer of the intellectual property to the client.

If you want to sell your patent or patents, contact our patent brokerage unit.