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Enforcement of U.S. Patents

In the United States (and in most nations around the world), patent infringement is not a crime, so patent enforcement is the sole responsibility of the patent owner. A U.S. Patent identifies the inventor or inventors of the patented technology, and the patent may also show an “assignee” that is usually a business and the owner of the patent.

Whether the owner of a U.S. Patent is a person or persons, a business, or a university or any other type of entity – and regardless of where the owner of the U.S. Patent is located – it is the owner of the patent that is responsible for enforcement of the patent. In the U.S., patents are enforced by filing a patent infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court. Many patent owners have secured multi-million dollar settlements from the patent infringement litigation they filed against infringers of their patents. However, it costs from several hundred thousand to several million U.S. Dollars to launch a patent infringement lawsuit!

The infringers of U.S. Patents are often major corporations, and if the owner of the infringed patent is also a major corporation, it is at least a fair fight since the patent owner can afford the cost of a patent infringement lawsuit to enforce its patent. However, if the infringer is a major corporation, and the patent owner is an individual, small to mid-sized business, or university or other entity that does not have several hundred thousand to several million U.S. Dollars to invest in patent infringement litigation, it is most definitely not a fair fight! That is why General Patent Corporation (GPC) exists: To help owners of U.S. Patents whose patents have been infringed!

Free Analysis of Your Patent Infringement Claim

If you believe your U.S. Patent has been infringed, General Patent will take a look at your patent and the allegedly infringing products or services. GPC will consider two issues: Is the product or service infringing the patent? And are there enough potential damages to make financing a patent infringement lawsuit a financially viable undertaking?

Since General Patent must make a considerable investment of time and resources in a patent enforcement campaign, such an investment only makes sense if the infringing products or services are generating many millions of U.S. Dollars in sales because the award by a court or an out-of-court settlement will be based on a small percentage of the total sales of the infringing product or service, or a small per-unit royalty. It is entirely possible that a product or service is blatantly infringing your U.S. Patent, but there are not sufficient sales of the infringing product or service that filing a patent infringement lawsuit would be financially viable!

If we determine that you have a valid patent infringement claim and that filing a patent infringement lawsuit is financially viable, GPC will offer to finance and manage a comprehensive patent enforcement campaign on your behalf. You, the patent owner, pay nothing. In addition to engaging a law firm to try the lawsuit, and covering all litigation and covering all litigation expenses, General Patent also provides a comprehensive Suite of Services, a package of value-added programs that are only available from GPC.

To begin the process, complete an Enforcement Analysis Request.